Sponsoring a child with CPR-3 gives children in Haiti much more than an education although that is part of our sponsorship program. Sponsoring a child now will equal changed lives forever. CPR-3 sponsorship program provides:
1. Spiritual foundation
2. Education
3. Clean Water
4. Nutrition
5. Health Care

$300 covers the cost of sponsoring a  child for an entire year! 37 more children are ready and waiting for a sponsor before they can start the school year. Please respond to childsponsorship@cpr-3.com by August 31 if you would like to be a part of this exciting initiative!

CPR-3 sponsors have contact with their child and have the opportunity to visit their child on an Experience Trip to Haiti!
“I love partnering with CPR-3 and their sponsorship program for so many reasons. One of the most important is that more than just through money, child sponsorship gives through relationship. My family is challenged to live differently as we consider what life is really like for our partner, Julio.” – J. Gilgraine, CPR-3 child sponsor

Would you like to sponsor a child in Haiti?

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