The following excerpt is from CompassionCorp Participant on the ground in Haiti, Brooke Angle.


A few days ago I was sitting in the church alone reading my bible. A couple of kids I recognized, Lovedine and Charbidson came skipping in, asking what I was reading (I was reading in Revelations). They asked me to read it in a creole bible, and as I began going through some verses that I thought they’d enjoy – I would look at them after each section and say “plis?” (meaning “more?”) and they would smile and nod their heads.

I don’t know what gets 12 year olds excited about Revelations- but there is something very attractive about it in this dry land.

Afterwards, I told them I had creole bibles for them if they wanted to take one – but they could only have it if they continued to learn. I told them I would even have bible studies with them if they really wanted to. They smiled big and said “wi!”, so I told them to come find me another day and we could begin studies.

We spent the rest of our time together that night playing a game consisting of goat bones. I love these simple little moments.

So today, as I was walking around the neighborhood, who else but Lovedine and Charbidson would come find me asking, with big ol eyes, when we could have our bible study.

Eventually we headed back to the compound, with a crew of teens who wanted to join in on the study. A few of the kids ran to our stock of creole bibles (THANK YOU BRIGHTON CHAPEL) and we opened up to John. I had no idea what I was doing, but often that’s the best place to be, leaving PLENTY of room for the Holy Spirit to show up.

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