Linslay is big-eyed and timid as he answers us, “Doctor”.

Morissaint Linslay

Morissaint Linslay

I had just asked what he would like to do, if he could be anything he wanted when he grows up.

With a quick, sweet smile and those big eyes he stands against the church he has been in all morning for summer Sunday school and looks at us.

Linslay is seven and will hopefully get sponsored this year to enter the second grade, where he can work on getting the education that will lead to him to get to be a doctor or anything else he would want to be. His mother is unemployed, although she may try to sell whatever she finds money to buy – however she is not able to find money to do “commerce”. Linslay’s father is a good man who wants to provide for his family, his wife and two sons. He is a mason, and we have heard he is a skilled one.

However, at work he was in an accident where the heavy cement blocks fell on his chest. Ever since this accident, he has been sick and unable to work. He tries to work and is not able to due to his accident and a lack of adequate medical care that made the problem worse. While he still holds his family together the best that he can, this has put a huge strain on the family with no income. We are so excited to see the way that Pastor Samedy loves and interacts with this family, and to have the chance to come alongside of what is going on in Canaan through the avenue of sponsorship.