Prayer Need:

As you may have heard if you follow CPR-3 social media, Pastor Samedy and his wife Venise had a beautiful baby girl with a head full of hair this past month! We are so thankful as it was a complicated pregnancy and both mom and the baby came through the labor.

However as time goes by, we are asking for you to keep this family in your 11:11 prayers. Samie Esther, or just Samie for short, has been having complications since birth and now is requiring check ups at the doctor in Port-au-Prince at least two times a month. She is supposed to stay away from sun and dust – which abound in Canaan – and she is not sleeping through the night.

Venise is weak after the pregnancy and tired from going from labor, to staying in a hospital for two weeks, to coming home and having children and a household and a baby who is not sleeping well. She is beautiful in her faith and trust of God, but clearly exhausted underneath her praises of who He is no matter the situation.

Pastor Samedy is a husband, father of 4, and pastor. As a pastor he is interacting with both his church and the Respire Lavi network and his partner church for the movement of God. He has many roles to fill as he is not getting sleep as well, and as he is in charge of getting his wife and daughter to the doctor while making sure his other daughters are taken care of. He has organized a two week summer Bible school in the middle of all of this and does not let the church suffer or ministry stop, instead encouraging his leaders and staying present.

This family believes in the strength that God gives, as well as the healing that He can bring. We would love to join them in prayer and the opportunity to be their family in Christ by interceding for them in this time. Please remember them at 11:11! And THANK you for the encouragement that you have sent them over social media!