I had a meeting with “S” and his friends, teenage boys who happened to be coming to our bible study. One of his friends, Sowat, happens to ask some BIG questions about God, by the way! But we aren’t talking about bible study – but something bigger.
“S” is currently homeless. One of his friends found him wandering the streets of Bercy at 3am because he had no place to sleep after someone kicked him out where he was doing the equivalent of “couch hopping”.
That’s why we had a meeting today.
I believe in “S”. I believe in his friends. Not the normal crew to be known for going to church, I know that doesn’t stop how God sees them. Carrying baggage? Sure, I have it too.
I’m asking you to pray for “S”, who is on his way to rent a room in a house for the next six months. He will finally get to sleep tonight. He is one of the people who took a homeless Simon in, by the way, for three months a couple years ago.
A home is not furniture and a home is not school. A home is not three meals a day or even one. A home is not water.
But a home is what was standing between “S” feeling that life was worth it or not. He didn’t say this to us, but his closest friend.
And I believe in “S”, in the plan God has for him. I believe that a house can be the thing God uses to say “I see you. I love you. You have a purpose. There is a point. You are worth it.”
A house is a way for God to say “Do not think of me when you think of being unclean, or following rules. Think of me when you think of a good Father, a hug, or the shelter under wings. Think of a resting place, and think of me. Think of acceptance, and think of me. Think of changing the world, and think of me.”
Please pray these for “S”. You can pray for his physical, the food and job and school he does not have. But please, PLEASE pray for S, Sowat, Fito, and Simon and Gabe and the spiritual. Brooke and I are dreaming, and we are dreaming big. We can dream big because we pray those dreams. We pray for these boys aching for purpose, hungry for a reason to leave – to see the one who calls them CHOSEN, A MASTERPIECE, MEANT FOR GREAT WORKS! We are praying for them to see both truth and grace and understand it. We are praying for them and we are dreaming of 1 Peter 2, them being living stones in the church Christ is building! We said it – dare we? – “Imagine them ten years from now, church leaders”.
Please pray boldly with us. We need you.
This is not about a house. This is about God and his purpose for the young men of Haiti, and the world. He WILL breathe life into it.