With a presence that can influence the entire group, Mama Gigi’s hesitation was a strong reaction towards the first group that went to her house with Stephanie Pineda as Grace Pickerington visited Canaan. However this presence was used in just as strong of a way to welcome in, teach, and share stories with Stephanie and friends as Mama Gigi slowly learned more of the group’s intentions and who they were – and the true heart to learn from her that they had! A relationship has now been growing for over a year with this household in Canaan, with a specific “pointing to the Haitian church” always coming up (as opposed to the team “being seen.”)

Mama Gigi told Pastor Samedy in Canaan that she wants to leave her church to come to his – instead of thinking of his own church gaining, he has encouraged her to stay with her own church (it is not a competition, we are all the body of Christ) while inviting her to come visit anytime. Mama Gigi has done exactly that, visiting Pastor Samedy’s church often and feeling welcomed into the church family after building a relationship with a team. As more and more of the community in Canaan are welcomed into a church where they are beginning to see what church is really about – true teaching, a family, being invited in, being remembered and visited after, and gain for Christ as opposed to the pastor or organization! We are so excited to hear about stories like Mama Gigi going on in Canaan!