I met a girl named Weslan outside the gates after our VBS at the church one day. She was braiding my hair and I noticed she was wearing a Gospel bracelet with the various colored 2015-05-24 14.45beads( RED- Jesus’ blood shed on the cross, BLACK- our sin, WHITE- Jesus washing us clean, BLUE – being baptized, GREEN-growing in Jesus, and GOLD – our eternity in Heaven with Him.)

Through Cash, one of the translators, I asked her if she knew what those beads she was wearing meant. She said no. I explained each bead’s meaning to her and then went on to share the Gospel with her. Weslan was all smiles and told me that she was going to go tell all of her friends. God used that moment as an opportunity for life change for that little girl in Haiti, and inspired her to go tell others.

-Alexia Miller
Alexia served in Haiti as a part of an Experience Haiti Team. Find out more about trips to Haiti here.