Child sponsorship is no small task to take on. Watching it develop for years, we have learned and grown so much since the first team members dreamed of a tangible way to break cycles and influence lives both now and for the future. And now a new opportunity is happening with child sponsorship – Christmas!

I am especially excited for Christmas with sponsored students because of the way that it is going to be done – empowering mothers and other hard working merchants in Cabaret as we work to not only bless children with gifts but also people in Haiti with an income!

Unemployment is one of the major issues that puts Haiti in a position to be the only fragile state in our corner of the world. Many people want to break free from the same cycles, get an education, do things for their families – but there simply is no way to get an income. So as we dreamed about shopping for sponsored kids with giggles and excitement…an idea struck.

As fun as it would be to go to a Target and fill up a cart with goodies – how amazing if we could impact in this deep rooted part of the cycle of poverty while ALSO getting goodies to sponsored kids?

It is for this reason that we are not only introducing Christmas opportunities for sponsored students, but we are also doing it by buying the gifts IN HAITI! If you have a sponsored kid, watch your e-mail and communication with CPR-3 to see how you can take part in the opportunity to bless your student with a Christmas bag this holiday season!

Personally, I am SO excited for this opportunity. If you are interested in getting one for your sponsored student, watch for another blog on what I mean by Christmas “bag”…and why a bag!

Thank you for breathing life into more than 140 students this year!