Yesterday morning we walked up a mountain to watch the sunrise. As we were going back to the compound I saw Dieunal, the five year old boy we sponsor. He had a plastic bag that was filled with dry leaves and pieces of banana peels. He was feeding the bag of food to a pig that was tied to a tree.

After he did that, I watched him take a shovel and spend over half an hour shoveling rocks, trash, leaves and clearing the brush where the pig was. He is five years old.

After he was finished, we went to his home. There are 11 people living in a home that is the size of my kitchen. I watched his godmother cook tea leaves and beans and take the pot off the fire using her bare hands. I watched five of the young children sitting on the concrete floor grating coconut. When they were finished, there was a very small piece left and they each took turns taking a bite. They fed each other a piece of coconut that was a little larger than a quarter.

Their life is hard and they are very poor. There are so many things I could share about this past week in Haiti. I chose this story because it broke my heart. I ache and I ache for the people in Haiti. But I was also envious of the life they live- A life where stuff doesn’t matter, where they have nothing and manage to put everyone else above themselves, where they put all of their trust in God providing just a meal for the day.

This week I saw the goodness of God… I saw people who are more wealthy than anyone in America. I saw people who have nothing, not even food or water to feed their family yet they love Jesus and follow him more than I do…


This post was submitted by Amber Segna from Pickerington, OH after a recent trip to Haiti