Statistics are all over the map, but they all tell the same story: unemployment in Haiti is a major issue, and other countries – especially developed countries – cannot imagine at how drastic the difference is in unemployment rates. The percentage of unemployment during the Great Depression that made it such an emergency time in history is way below the constant percentage of unemployment in Haiti.


Jobs empower. Jobs break cycles. Jobs give dignity, worth, and purpose. Jobs reinforce the truth that everyone has something to offer, and that we all have a Father who stitched us together for a purpose.


It is for this reason that CPR-3 is committed to pursue job creation and celebrate business in Haiti. Which leads to Christmas 2015 – buying bookbags in Haiti and filling them with gifts for sponsored students!


Why is it bookbags that we are filling with gifts instead of boxes, pretty paper, or decorative bags?


Bookbags are a gift in themselves to anyone, and especially to a student enrolled in school. They are an item that many are in need of, they are more expensive than a typical budget has room for, and they are essential to the education being provided through sponsorship as the formality of school demands a bag to hold supplies.


We are so excited to be purposeful in what we purchase and where we purchase it this year as our sponsors have been so purposeful to rearrange their lives to make room to give a child an opportunity for breaking the cycles of today with education tomorrow. Sponsors, be on the lookout for information if you are interested in getting a Christmas gift for your student!