As we have visited the community of Total, we have heard similar yearnings, over and over again. We have heard of a people wanting for a home. A place to be accepted, a place to feel safe, a place to fall more in love with Jesus.

We sat with a man in his 20’s with his name tattooed above his eyebrow, his arms and neck covered in what this culture would vocally call “sin”. What the church would condemn.


A 20 something year old who sang hymns to us in the middle of his yard and sat with us for hours upon hours seeking answers to deep theological questions. Questions we never even thought to ask and weren’t equipped to answer.


He’s a rough exterior, with a heart of gold. Somebody who desires a church that will accept him. Somebody who is thirsty to learn, but who has no outlet. He pointed to his jeans and tattoos and said, “the church would never accept me how I am”.


Our new friend and his family, who we grew to seriously love as we visited them, came to our first ever worship night in Total. A body made up of different colors and different languages, gathered on the side of a mountain, as the sun set all around us.

Arms up, Holy Spirit overwhelming us, our voices became one. That night, God came down and met us on that dusty mountain.


After we finished worshiping and praying, Moise, the director of CPR-3’s sister organization, Respire Lavi (Breath Life), spoke of his heart for Total and God’s movement. Moise clearly depicted what he believes God is already doing in this little community, and what will continue to be done by God’s grace.


There will be a church in this dry community. A church made of people, the young and the thirsty, the unwanted and the “thugs”. The shoeless, the unbathed, the lost. The believers who wants to dig in deeper. The Christians who have known His word for their entire life. The passionate game-changers.

A church for everyone.


Currently in Total there is not a physical building, but a movement of people who are meeting, praying and committing to being a part of this church. There are SIX families that are ALL IN and are currently gathering every Sunday afternoon for worship, prayer and a message.

This Sunday, Pastor Moise preached on Psalms 115:1-3 and the four pictures of God- kindness, faithfulness, authority and sovereignty.


Pastor Moise is currently training two pastors, and praying for a worship leader (one of which he has in mind), to become a part of this church. Please pray with us for this MOVEMENT, which by God’s grace, has continued on with momentum since this summer! We are overwhelmed by how clearly God is present in the planting of this church in Total.