For those of you that do not know Pastor Moise yet (Director of Respire Lavi), he seems born to be a leader. True to his name, the french version of Moses, he has led people in a way that just shows off that he is the director we were praying for at CPR-3/Breathe Partners.
As he leads Respire Lavi, he is planning to build his home in Total – where Respire Lavi is planting a church currently. He is mentoring the young & excited Pastor Bogart, who has a passion for reaching the young & lost in creative ways as well as a wise and gentle demeanor that people point out make him someone they want to be around.
Recently, Grace Pickerington had a medical team here in Haiti, and the team joined the Sunday evening service for the church plant in Total. Looking over a valley on a plot of land with nothing with the markers showing it’s borders, the team was in awe over the view while waiting for church members to arrive. Some mothers, young men, older men, and children showed up as they have for weeks now on the plot of land as the sun sets.
Moise, with that laugh that takes over his whole being, invites everyone to pull up a chair (the options are a couple of rocks, or to slip off your sandals and sit on them to avoid dirt getting on your clothes). After worship and prayer, the ‘message’ is simple from Moise. He is not preaching, but declaring over the land with Bogart and the others that are already deciding to be a part of the counter cultural church.
He looks around the crowd and says, “Sonje dat sa.” Remember this date.
He tells everyone to go home and find a place to write it in their Bibles, on their wall, somewhere that it will not get lost.
He then said, (translated loosely), “Write this date down. Put it in your bibles, this very day – January 31st, 2016. Because one day, you will need that written date to remember today. One day, so much ministry will be flowing from this place and so much will have happened – not in buildings, but in transforming lives – that you will not be able to imagine it’s small beginnings. Even though you are here! You are here, and still you need to write the date down – THAT is how much God is going to work here. You will not believe, even though you saw it with your own eyes, what God has done with what seems to be nothing. It is not nothing. And with God, He can do everything.”
The church also declared words over the land and future of the community that night.
Truth. Grace. Healing. Family. More and more words flowed out, DECLARED that they will happen.
We are writing this day down. We are so excited to see what these Haitian leaders are going to do as God fills up what they lay down before Him.