We have spoken in the past about one of our dear friends in Canaan, a mother who at one point was overwhelmed with the amount of children she already had – and a pregnancy on top of it.
I met her through her son, a shy but spunky boy named Davidson who was one of the first to come show off his curious side in 2012 when a church was being planted in his community. We became fast friends that week and when I moved to Haiti in 2013, I was lead to his home where about half of his siblings surrounded his mother and I on the floor of their home and she started to tell me about life.
When she became pregnant and found out in a clinic held by an experience team, I saw some of the emotions she went through. She said that it was impossible to feed the children around her now…how would she bring another child into the world?
She came through these emotions and became hopeful instead, but not without difficulties that life presents here. Slowly, more and more people stopped by her home to encourage her.
Pastor Samedy saw her need and profiled three of her children – not even half, but a huge impact possible if someone would choose to sponsor them. Davidson, Donley, & Delisca all found sponsors last year – all this at the same time that Pastor Samedy is stopping by this mother’s house to get to know her, to check on her as she struggled through malaria, and to pray with her.
Team members and Compassion Corp participants would stop by to encourage her as well, or sit in the church yard with her teenage daughters and sing through the afternoon while swapping sunglasses. Her children constantly hung around the church and over two years later, she made her way over (for more than a clinic).
This weekend, Pastor Samedy asked for prayer for Davidson’s mother (Nelcie) as she was BAPTIZED with the church that has become her family!
From the unknown mother of a playful child to a strong woman with a face and a name, and then from a story of overwhelming exhaustion and nothing to look forward to in tomorrow – the ultimate result of sponsorship that Breathe is looking for! Through the physical side of the cross, people are being connected to the spiritual! The foundations of healthy families and new cycles to break the old ones are being laid, and Nelcie is just one of the many stories of families in the sponsorship program being connected to something so much bigger than physical partnership.
This mother and her family have been covered in prayer, and we want to thank you both for your spiritual and physical partnership with Nelcie and over 100 other families like hers. This is breathing life into partner communities all over Haiti. It is so much bigger than a school tuition or a kid’s club.
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