While having a relationship with a child is not a requirement or the only way that you can sponsor a child, we love how they go hand in hand! We have also seen many people build on relationships for years since Breathe Partners started as CPR-3 over five years ago and it is so cool to see our movement evolve to be centered around Haitian church plants that are breathing life and inviting the people that you have met, prayed for, or talked to God about yourself on a week long trip.
It is one thing to love on a new friend for a week and pray for them – it is another thing when you can connect them to a church family that is there when you are gone! And now these church families are in a healthy place where they have child sponsorship programs that both provide physically while discipling students.
This is the case with the Hughes family and Maxon – a young boy in Cabaret. In 2011, he met the teenage daughter of the Hughes family as they built a relationship while doing projects throughout the week in his community. Smaller back then, he was 8 years old and the brother of a deaf older sister – with a sweet single mother that loved spending time with Maxon’s new friend on the team.
Nearly every year, someone from the Hughes family has come to connect with Maxon – when the teenage daughter – Caitlyn – could not come, her father brought a picture and went searching for Maxon. After that, Caitlyn came herself…and Maxon’s face lit up as she came walking down the path asking neighbors if they had seen them! Her mother came after that, connecting with this young boy and sharing pictures as the relationship continues to grow interaction by interaction. While it may only be a few minutes, there is always a joy to reconnect as well as a desire to do something more.
This year, Pastor Jackson in Cabaret planted another church just a 90-second-walk from Maxon’s home. As the sponsorship program connects students to the church for more than just school tuition but also weekly clubs, monthly moringa, clean water, and medical help – a local church is the KEY piece to the sponsorship program.
In their generosity, the Hughes reached out to see if sponsorship could happen. Pastor Jackson spread his arms out when we asked with a smile and a “Pa gen pwoblem!” (No problem!) – and we just wish you could have been in the home to feel the joy and hear the thanks of Maxon and his aunt as she spoke on behalf of his mother as we asked if they would like to participate in the sponsorship program. The thanks and joy was a deeper level with this family, as this relationship is almost five years in the making now for this 13 year old boy.
Pastor Jackson walked away from Maxon’s home and we exclaimed, “Imagine if someone had told us in 2011 that this would happen!”…to which Jackson simply replied, “It is a joy to be a part of what God is doing”.
Yes it is!
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