Dear Faithful Supporters,

Let me begin by “borrowing” a succinct and accurate statement from the Apostle Paul…”I thank God upon my every remembrance of you.”   Thank you for believing, for praying, and for giving and investing in something that is eternal. I want you to share in the fruit of our labor together and share how we are planting and watering and how God is moving and growing our efforts. Thank You!

I am so pleased to announce and unveil our new name, Breathe Partners, and our new website, Please enjoy browsing and praying for our movement and mission. God’s breath has become the mantra of my life. As God breathes, I want to move. We cannot control the timing or direction of God’s breath, but we can hoist the sails and align with His movement by investing in prayer and giving. Our mission is to breathe life and hope into the world. As a boat sets sail, the speed and determination of its advancement is decided by the wind, but the ability to keep moving forward is set in motion by its crew. I am grateful for the most amazing team and partners behind God’s Movement. It’s a joy to serve with this amazing young team of leaders. Breathe Partners continues to depend on the generosity of people like you. Thanks for choosing to “set sail” with Breathe!  We are thankful for your generosity to advance the movement and God’s kingdom. If you’d consider being a “member” of our team in giving, check out

Let me simply give you reason to rejoice as I am blown away by God’s movement. To HIM be the glory!

What God Has Done and Is Currently Doing


  • We have successfully re-branded our mission to better reflect who we are.  We are now “doing business as” Breathe Partners.  although CPR-3 is still our corporate name.   BP
  • We are in the process of securing our Corporate Office and Ministry Center in Coatesville, PA.
  • God has faithfully provided for all of our needs and even most of our wants.


  • ORLA: (Organization Respire Lavi Ayiti) or Respire Lavi (Breathe Life) is now a fully registered Haitian organization under a capable Haitian Leader and Haitian Board working in collaboration with Breathe Partners.
  • Church Planting:  We now have 20 churches as of April 2016. By December, that number will grow to 34. The Young Lights of Haiti is an organic movement of disciple making that is spreading like wildfire reaching the NOW generation of
    Find out more.
  • Child Sponsorship:  This past year our partners sponsored 150 children for the entire year. That partnership allowed each child schooling, nutrition, water, spiritual formation, and medical care. Find out more
  • Eradicating Malnutrition:  We are thankful to be a leading player in the country of Haiti and even other countries in the world as we learn how to provide nutrition to children through Moringa at  We are currently providing nutrition to over 1,000 children each day. Find out more.
  • Bible InstituteOur training program, the International School of Justice Bible Institute (ISJBI) has 35 men and women under the teaching of God’s Word. We are grateful for the verbal commitment from a college/seminary to establish an endorsement. Find out more.child
  • CompassionCorp:  This 3 year leadership training ground for young adults who are sensing God’s call to full time mission in the world is taking off. We currently have 3 students and 10 CIT’s (CompassionCorp In Training) for the Summer Experience. Find out more.
  • Partnerships and Teams:  This past year our Church2Church partnerships expanded numerically and in health.  Over 35 different teams were received this past year with over 350 people doing mission in Haiti.  We are praying for 5 more partner churches in 2016.   Find out more.
  • Buildings and Projects:  We are grateful for the sacrifice and generosity of so many people and churches. We can now house 75 people at the Sant Mouvman. We have space for our full time missionary staff, the Haitian Director and his family, our santmCompassionCorp students and our CIT’s. We have a wonderful guest house to service teams who desire to do missions in Haiti and we have a store/cabana and pavillion for services. The best part, all of this is paid in full.  We are thankful for the supporters and donors who gave generously and made this possible.


  • The “CENTER”:  We are very excited about this new initiative. Our missions is the same as in Haiti contextualized to an “urban” reality. Our target is “a NOW and DIVERSE generation.” Find out more.
  • Parks and Neighborhoods: Our Church2Church partnerships will soon be in place. We are aligning churches to cville“adopt” a park and neighborhood and build relationships rather than just “give stuff away.”
  • NEXT: What are the “next” necessary steps?  Striking Hope / Reading InitiativeIn partnership with the Coatesville Library we are breaking the odds of urban incarceration, teenage pregnancy and high school drop outs. If a child cannot read by the time they reach 3rd grade, their chances of a “negative” result increases exponentially. We are tutoring children in the 1st and 2nd grade. Turning Point / Rewards Initiative:  What is rewarded will be repeated. This character development program aligns mentors/life coaches to kids in 5th, 8th and 12th grade. These are the “transitional” years of a child’s life where they move into middle school, high school, and college.
  • Church Planting:  Born out of the movement is under the leadership of Chandal Taylor. This church is also a movement similar to Haiti. The YOUNG LIGHTS of Coatesville has begun and is effectively building relationships with the nextyouth of our city.
  • Children/Youth and Family Services: Collaboration is our goal as we hope to connect our services and the services of others to holistically care for the entire family. The list of programs offered will be determined in part by the family’s needs and our church partner’s goals.

PERSONALLY from the O’Deens’

  • Gay (my wife) was diagnosed with  Rheumatoid Arthritis. Her work and family keep her extremely busy.
  • I (Dan) am realizing I am no longer 25, but I’m still going strong. I’m wearing many hats and doing my best to equip and unleash a young familyleadership core of servants.
  • Our family is growing as we are proud grandparents of two! We love our Chavala Grace and Hazel Jade.

For all these things I rejoice. We were created to Breathe Life and Hope Into the World….God is using you and Breathe Partners.

Breathing Life,
Dan O’Deens
Executive Director