Have you come on an experience trip yet?
If you have – it’s SUCH a whirlwind, right? The week flies by in a rush of colors, smells, tastes, conversations, laughs with a dozen people that are now like family, a dip in the Caribbean, a small hand wrapped in yours walking down a road made from dust.
God can feel a little bit closer in Haiti.
Here’s the thing – Haiti is one giant triple scoop hot fudge sundae of chasing Him. Putting your foot on the water KNOWING that the way nature works is that you SHOULD fall right into the water, not glide to Him on top of it. From application and months of having vague packing lists but not a concrete picture, to waking up daily feeling totally unequipped. Trying new things each morning and getting out of conversational comfort zones. Adventure and Jesus, wrapped in one!
I want to invite a new idea to the table. Is God closer in Haiti? Or is He closer outside of our comfort zone? Too many of us are simply limiting our trips outside of our comfort zone to international trips, and therefore associating God’s presence with them. Because we can’t discipline ourselves to turn our phones on airplane mode ourselves, we are able to commune in a whole new way once silence is the only option.
Now I am not knocking the feeling – He DOES feel closer in these moments and it is a totally real thing that He USES these trips to commune with us.
But – a challenge.
He breathed life into us. He calls us to be fully alive. He is ever present. He is the exact same Jesus that you felt was sitting right with you on that mountaintop. Go ahead, talk to Him and debate that point. He has called us to a LIFE of adventure – not a week. In our homes, workplaces, and interactions with that barista that seems to work at least 60 hours a week with how often we see them. In the moments we have, if we’re honest with ourselves, the opportunities we could use to turn off and sit by the window if nothing else.
What are we doing in life that is confining Jesus to a trip overseas?
“You forfeit intimacy with Him by remaining in your comfort zone”
You also forfeit growth.
The challenge –
Where are you keeping your toes inside your comfort zone? Why – what is keeping you there?

He walks on water and the invitation to join, while defying everything we understand about this world, is always open.


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