Here’s why it matters when you Breathe Life –
A medical team was here a few months ago and they saw preteen “S” – she’s at that awkward stage where your body is growing, you need to prove yourself, you don’t know your way in the world, you act like you know everything….and everything in between. She is sweet but strong.
Her nurse took time to stop and talk to her a few minutes as she checked up on her – asking if she is safe, if people ever make her uncomfortable, and talking a little on the subject. The nurse team of two ended it with affirmation that she is beautiful, worthy, and has the right to stand up for herself and say no to what is not okay for others. They said this with no verbalized reason or threat – but to speak truth into her that so many need to hear no matter where they are at.
That very week, “S” talked to me one on one about boys who were intimidating her and trying to be inappropriate.
She ran in her house after throwing water on them, and this is what she said:
“NO! I yelled no at them, because [the nurses] told me that I was worthy and able to say no! People cannot do to me what I don’t want them to do!”
Word for word, she took truth and immediately applied it. This girl who had sat silently, looking sideways, and acting as if she was not listening or not interested….she was paying attention as those nurses pushed on as well as took the extra few minutes that would cost them in the form of a longer work day out in the hot sun. Lovingly, they went out of their way for maybe just a few sentences of truth. Especially through a translator, it could have been uncomfortable.
But “S” was watching and listening.
Keep breathing life, friends!
God wants to do big things in and through you.
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