There’s something about sitting at a house filled with a Haitian family.

A family that you know and love.

A family that shares smiles, laughs and completely ridiculous dance moves with you.

A family that is just so heartbreakingly beautiful.

As I sat on a small wooden bench, a little girl behind me braiding my hair, in the midst of a family such as this, I was handed a small mirror. Intended to admire the handiwork that was the fresh couple of braids on my head, the mirror instead caught so much more worth admiring.

I had been holding the mirror in my lap at an angle to watch all the shenanigans that were going on around me and I focused on one of my favorite little girls smiling.

And my heart shattered.

With that mirror in hand, that girl in the looking glass, I couldn’t help but think of how beautiful she is. And if I think she is beautiful, how much more brilliant she is in the eyes of her Father.

And how she might never know that.

In a world covered in darkness. In a house full of voudou. In a society where women are objectified.

How….How in the world will she ever know how precious she is?

By you. By me. By the grace of God.

No one will ever be able to understand just how loved they are by Him.


by breathing life,

by breathing hope,

by building up instead of tearing down,

by instilling value and dignity

one day…

She will look in that same mirror.

She will not see what the world sees.

She will not hear what the world has told her.

The darkness will not overcome her.

One day,

She will look into that mirror.

One day,

She will see the beautiful girl that looks right back at her.

One day,

She will see what Jesus sees in her.

And every day after that, the looking glass will be just that.

For looks.

Because that is not where her worth stems from.

It never was.

And one day, she will know that.

Pray with me for that day.

It sometimes seems so minuscule, telling the same little girls how much you love them and how beautiful they are.

But God is so much bigger.

Those little words…

those life breathing words…

have so much power.

He will use them for way more than we may ever get to see.