OK…Updating My List.

Anyone Reading?   If you are looking for books that impact my thinking and direction these are the ONES!  #lifelonglearners

Blue Like Jazz Donald Miller
The Fred Factor Mark Sanborn
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God Jonathan Edwards
Epic **(you have 2 copies of this one!) John Eldredge
How Good is good enough? Andy Stanley
Fish Tales/FISH Stephen Lundin
7 Practices of Effective Ministry Stanley Joiner Jones
The Next Generation Leader Andy Stanley
Wild at Heart John Eldredge
The Tipping Point Malcolm Gladwell
Creating Contagious Commitment Shapiro
Love is the Killer App Tim Sanders
The 33 Laws of Stewardship Dave Sutherland
Simply Strategic Stuff Stevens – Morgan
Leaders Warren Bennis & Burt Nanus
Good to Great Jim Collins
Organic church Neil Cole
The one thing you need to know Marcus Buckingham
Tombone Player Wanted Marcus Buckingham
The 21 Most powerful minutes in a leaders day John Maxwell
the 17 Indisputable laws of teamwork John Maxwell
The 21 Indusputable laws of leadership John Maxwell
The Purpose Driven Life Rick Warren
The Purpuse Drive Church Rick Warren
Execution The discipline of getting things done Bossidy/Charan
Walking with the Poor Orbis
Church Planting Movements David Garrison
The Open Church Rutz
Sacred Pathways Gary Thomas
The Shaping of things to come Frost Hirsch
Seven Steps for Planting churchs Partnering Church Edition
Planting New Churches in a Postmodern Age Stetzer
Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ Piper
The Deity Formerly Known as God jarrett Stevens
Somebody Cares Doug Stringer
Jesus in the Margins McKinley
Sandbox Wisdom Tom Asacker
A Clear Eye for Branding Tom Asacker
Childlike Faith Keith Shearer
Be Intolerant Dobson
A new kind of christian McLaren
Uprising Mcmanus
Seizing your divine moment Mcmanus
The Journey of Desire John Eldredge
Holy Discontent Hybels
Change your church for Good Brad powell
Unchristian Kinnaman & Lyons
Character Makes a difference Huckabee
Simple Church Rainer/Geiger
axiom Bill Hybels
IT Craig Groeschel
Chazown Craig Groeschel
Wild Goose Chase Mark Batterson
I Became A Christian and all I got was this lousy t-shirt Vince Antonucci
Breaking the Discipleship Code David Putman
The Organic God Margaret Feinberg
Live Sent Jason Dukes
The Faith of Leap Frost/Hirsch
The Hole in our Gospel Richard Stearns
Outlive Your Life Max Lucado
Touch One Chris Schimel
The Poor Will Be Glad Greer/Smith
When Helping Hurts Corbett/Fickert/Perkins
The Starfish and the Spider Brafman/Beckstrom
Who Is My Neighbor Steve Moore
Mountains Beyond Mountains Kidder (Partners in Health)
Haiti After the Earthquake Paul Farmer
Switch On Your Brain Caroline Leaf
Wisdom Hunter Randy Alcorn
Kisses From Katie Katie Davis
Flesh Halter
Jesus – Religion Jefferson Bethke
MOVE Hawkins and Parkinson
Toxic Charity Lupton
UNFINISHED Richard Stearns
David and Goliath Malcolm Gladwell
Church Diversity Williams
Permission to Speak Freely Anne Jackson
Dancing With the Analysts David Mallach
Impact Tim Irwin
Pursued Jud Wilhite
Generous Justice Tim Keller
Meaningful ‘the story of ideas that fly’ Bernadetter Jiwa
Transform A City Eric Swanson and Sam Williams
Small is Big Ceasar Kalinowski
What is God Really Like Craig Groeschel
We Were Wrong Keith Stewart
Building A Discipling Culture Mike Breen and Steve Cockram
Love Does Bob Goff
Wisdom Meets Passion Dan Miller / Jared Angaza
Bloodlines John Piper
Travesty In Haiti Timothy T Schwartz
The Big Truck That Went By Jonathan M Katz
Cross-Cultural Servanthood Duane Elmer
We are not the Hero Jean Johnson
Orpah Justice Jonny Carr
Cross-Cultural Partnerships Mary T. Lederleitner
When Charity Destroys Dignity Glenn J Schwartz
Communicating Christ in Animistic Contexts Gailyn Van Rheenen