Young Lights, though.

How awesome to be able to come late because you didn’t get the chance to shower and know your leaders are completely capable without you there.

How awesome to hear worship start exactly on time from your bathroom window.

How awesome to have a leader that is so happy to have saved his message as a surprise for everyone there.

How awesome to have a leader that is happy to be sharing creativity and gives attendees lessons and “homework” to build elastic propelled vehicles.

How awesome to have been blessed by the Body of Christ in America so that Young Lights leaders can bless new attendees with a new t-shirt.

How awesome to all laugh together at a small game of musical chairs with an apple for a prize.

How awesome to have a family that can lean on one another and understand that life isn’t about being understood.

Too good.

So richly blessed

This post was written by Olivia, a CompassionCorp student living and work in Haiti with Breathe Partners.