My Breathe story is so much more than being a part of an experience team last July or spending five weeks on the ground as a CIT this summer. By shaynabecoming a part of Breathe, my eyes have been opened to a whole new vision of God and who He is that I never had before. I never realized that I had God contained in a box until I spent the last five weeks letting Him out, and I’m absolutely captivated by the new ways God has shown me His grace, mercy, abilities, and power. Opening my eyes and fully allowing God to be God of the Bible this summer has been a life changing experience.

Breathe Partners has also given me the permission to dream of possibilities and opportunities for success not defined by worldly standards, and for that I’m thankful and excited. Not to mention, I will forever be grateful for the amazing friends and relationships I’ve made, both Haitian and American, over the course of this journey. When you allow God to move, He shows up and shows off. – Shayna Ritchie