The purpose of this blog series is born from a burning desire in my heart to see 1,000 young people released to the mission field over the next five years! I am so committed to preparing the next wave of missionaries that Breathe Partners has aligned and committed ourselves to this purpose:

Breathe Partners believes the most effective way to influence people and culture is by developing young leaders and empowering the church.

How are we going to do this?

Compassion Corp is a leadership development alternative to traditional education, equipping and unleashing students with a passion to live on mission as a global citizen. Each student will be prepared for a potential career in missions as they engage in both urban and developing world culture.

Jesus fully believe in young ‘aspiring’ leaders. He called out to Peter (and 11 others) and asked them to drop their nets (their occupations and comfortable living) and said, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Could it be that If we are not ‘fishing for men’ that we are not ‘following Jesus?’

Paul latched on to a ‘young’ Timothy and understood the chatter in the background. He looked at Timothy and said, “Let no man despise your youth.”
Make no mistake this calling begins with Obedience to drop everything and to ‘go.’ This calling was in no way an aimless un-abandoned free for all. It included training. The disciples who left their nets immediately sat under the leadership of Jesus who poured himself into these men for three solid years. Timothy was trained well by his mentor Paul.

Preparation is a part of the calling, but does not precede Obedience to the command of Jesus to “GO.”

Over the next week, I trust you will follow and even share these posts. I pray that God will raise up and send out 1,000 Young Leaders over the next 5 years.