Her name is Shayna* and she just found out she is pregnant.

Her name is Shayna and she is living on corner of 10th & High St* in Philadelphia – not in the Kensington area like the Redemption House, so we met her as we got to know other areas of this urban area full of subcultures.

Her name is Shayna and she spouted more wisdom, work ethic, and perseverance than I do as a showered, fed, and warmly dressed peer who got a good night sleep the night before.

She is also in her 20s, but calls Brooke and I babies as she is the oldest of us three.

She jokes with us and we could sit with her all day, keep visiting all week, or have her move in because we just love the heart and personality she allows us to get to know. She lets us into her life like old friends and talks honestly about what life has been like as we ask real questions.

She tells us to never act like prayer is a small or nerdy act.

We make sighs and frustrated sounds when we hear how men speak to her, because there’s nothing else we can do.

She talks about provisions and opportunities instead of downsides and what is lacking.

We can’t get her off of our mind. We can’t figure out if it’s because of her need, or how much we needed that conversation with her. Probably both.

Some ways you can pray for her with us:

  • That lil baby growing; health, a home before birth, and medical care as well as a life ahead with a fierce love of Jesus
  • Paperwork (specifically identification) process to quicken and employment and resources to follow
  • Safety from the abusive home she fled from
  • Community in a lonely place
  • That wisdom, strength, endurance, and joy to be fostered and flourish with a deep love for Jesus that just keeps growings


*name changed for dignity & worth through privacy; location changed for safety through privacy