Today I was struck as someone from another organization posted an article on a convention coming to Port-au-Prince. In the middle of plenty of other posts on gas prices, new businesses, newsletters from missionaries, methods, updates on sick friends, and American politics mixed in…..this convention was a nice surprise of an official way that some people are deeply investing.

I thought, “Man I’m glad there are people that are choosing to do this – and a third time! They keep coming back! They have no idea how needed it is.”

Then my brain kept going on….

“I wonder how much all of these people know how needed they are”

A huge portion of my Facebook friends have been to Haiti, only a portion of them with Breathe. So many faces and stories have come through this country. And sometimes all that is talked about is the negative potential of so many faces and trips.

Sometimes missions conversations get so caught up on methods, ideas, setbacks, and the heavy emotions of being in Haiti that we get wrapped up in conversations on theory or the big picture.

But guys….you don’t see my inbox. The messages from young moms who are sick and feeling alone this week. The kids who aren’t doing anything with their day as they don’t have libraries and clubs and parks and programs. The churches who pray fervently and love to host – but who worry they aren’t good enough to visit.

It’s hard to not carry the burden of others as my heart yearns for Haiti to be SEEN. For Americans debating about the news to realize or remember there is a world with so much more going on. My soul is frustrated and overwhelmed by lack of as my mouth and mind try to proclaim “strength based perspective!”.

And then I see that article.

And someone does care.

Actually, a lot of people care.

So many hearts, so many prayers, so much encouragement to missionaries going out and then to people in Haiti as they are met. So many trips – but they are full of people who SEE. They hear. They pray. They wrestle with the tensions. They try to come up with solutions. They don’t think that the teenage girl should be in that situation, either. They crave a better medical system for a struggling parent, too.

YOU – you read. You give. You come. You serve. Thank you.

You are needed. We need you and you do so, so much by seeing. You do so much by listening. You do so much with your presence.

Thank you.