In case you haven’t heard, Christianity is on the decline in America. We are officially living with a generation with a decline in identifying with Christianity, and really any religion at all. Around a quarter of the population is marking “none” on the box of surveys asking about religion.

Now I have my rabbit trail opinions on Christians falling away and what really defines a Christian, and how lukewarm Christianity (or cultural Christianity) can turn others “off” of Jesus and church. But that’s not what I want to share today.

What I’m here to talk all excitedly about is that Compassion Corp all of a sudden just got infused with even more purpose.

Of course God knew this was coming – but I didn’t. As Compassion Corp Director, I just have a passion for equipping young leaders who are interested in mission. For them to understand the purpose Christ created them for and then thrive in it – what an opportunity! Here are just three reasons why I’m excited:

  • We are living in a spiritually illiterate generation – and we get to empower people in that very generation through the Great Commission Bible Institute, where they will graduate knowing more about the Bible that many retire knowing.
  • With a people that are so disinterested in Christ, it takes intentionally living in the culture as a missionary (a person studying and living in culture while also following Jesus within that culture). It takes being passionate and skilled and living all in. This is what a Compassion Corp graduate is – someone living with passion and purpose as a missionary in whatever space they go to.
  • People are craving something authentic and relational. Compassion Corp is created to model and foster missional community – and we aim for students to be able to replicate it once graduating.

What. An. Opportunity.

Will you pray with us as God allows us to be a part of impacting a Post-Christian culture?

And if you are a student…seriously consider if your heart is to be in this world as someone to impact the space around you. We want to do life with you and equip!

Interested in understanding more?

I recently posted a sociologists dream on Facebook, which is a huge turnoff for the typical follower – a study on Americans and biblical worldview. We found the link as we have been diving into the book “Meet Generation Z”, a book on the Young Millennials as well as an overall Post-Christian society in America.