Blessed are the poor,

the lowly,

the meek,

those that mourn,

the downcast,

the weak.

These words are unsettling.

No it can’t be!

That we would be proud

to be the “least of these?”

It all seems so warped

so backwards, abnormal,

to trade this life’s luxuries

for riches eternal.

To embrace our pain,

our losses for Christ’s gain.

We’re not called to live

quite, comfortable lives on DL,

We’re called to be bold,

Snatching souls from

the gates of hell.

We’re called to suffer,

share the burdens of others,

“Count blessings a loss” He says,

and I feel those words shutter.

Cause who wants to suffer?

To trade all my comfort

for a life that might hurt?

I’ll tell you why:

The cost is too high!

I’ll trade comfort in this life

so others can simply find it.

People out here walking

around completely blinded

Like I was

To their own suffocation

from wealth, sin, and pleasure,

finding identity only in what

they can measure.

If they only knew

That what He said is true:

The old will pass away,

He will make all things new.

A new heaven,

a new earth,

no more pain or distress;

A free life-overhaul,

Complete with peace and rest.

So you see,

what if it’s not

as peculiar as it seems?

And what if God

Really knows what we need?