Beautiful Awe

I just sit and am in awe.

Beauty surrounding,

Beauty beyond what my digestive system can absorb fully.

Beauty unadulterated,

Beauty that I collect in fragments.


Lord, display Your beauty through my hands, my mouth, my actions, my posture – may You retell Your beautiful Gospel through my very breath.

Break Down the Walls

What keeps us from singing, dancing, shouting, stumbling over words of a language new to us? Is it pride? Are we too caught up in who we have made ourselves to be to allow others to teach us something new? Are we so prideful to think they have nothing that could better us that we are not willing to try? It is all the wrong perspective! It is not about who we are or who we are trying to remain! It is about the Great Commission! We are saved, secure, sealed; there is no need to be so concerned with our own reputation.

But if my lowering of my pride will lower the walls that guard my neighbor from sharing her heart with me, I will sing in a language I do not know. I will dance like a fool. And I will shout like I do not in my own culture (What even is my culture? Maybe I am losing it here) for the sake of her hearing the love of Christ in the crevices of her vulnerability that my willingness kickstarted. Why would I come all the way to Haiti only to sit in comfortable, still silence, when there is so much to learn in the release?