Introverted Missionary

Have you ever thought about being a ‘missionary?’   Perhaps you are a high school student or in college.  Maybe a young adult or married couple who really has a heart for the world.   People are people. Too often we think the ‘extravert’ makes the best missionary. That may not be the case.

Here are 8 traits that might make you believe differently:


  1. Establish Boundaries – they clearly understand their limitations therefore they culturally adapt and provide dignity for everyone


  1. Extremely Loyal – they do not seek attention for themselves, but once relationship is established the friendship is strong


  1. Keeps an Open Mind – although they prefer to be alone, they are the greatest risk takers and adventurers


  1. Level-Headed – In the face of adversity or challenge they do not panic…they find their strength in God.


  1. Self-Aware – they know their surroundings and are in touch with their own emotions which allows them to see what others are seeing and feeling


  1. Value Time – nothing is more important in life than time, they have an urgency in light of eternity


  1. Know their own Imperfections – they first see people made in the image and likeness of God, rather than as sinners


  1. Emotionally Engaged – people who like to be alone are able to sympathize and empathize on the ‘same’ level as others


The question is not about being an extravert or an introvert, the question is one of calling. Did these traits resonate with you?   If so, please check out the opportunities we have on our website and please reach out to us at; we would love to connect!




Dan O’Deens is the Executive Director and Founder of Breathe Partners, a mission that believes the best way to influence people and culture is to develop young leaders and to empower the church.   The training ground is developing world (Haiti) and urban space (Philadelphia).