On The Mountain Top

Today I had the opportunity to travel to Cabaret with part of my team. We were invited to visit Timoun La Gras, a kids club within our sponsorship program.  We parked our truck at the bottom of a mountain and started to find our way to the “mountain church”.

None of us had ever visited this church or any of the Timoun La Gras clubs in a partner community. We were full of anticipation and wonder as we walked along that thin, dirt path winding up the mountain. I had no idea what to expect when we reached our destination. Immediately, once we were in eyesight of the church, we were met with an enthusiastic “Hey you!” (This has become my favorite greeting from the kids I have befriended).

We approached the small church, with its’ tin roof and woven, palm-branch walls that let in the slightest breeze and allowed the light to dance all around us. We took a seat on the metal folding chairs, welcomed with an overwhelming love.

It was a wonderful evening surrounded by thirty sponsored children from the mountainous parts of Cabaret; all ages were present in this space. I loved watching them so intently listening as one of our good friends led the group.

Today, they were learning the story of Noah’s Ark. You could hear a pin drop in that space. I had one kid on my lap, another leaning on my side, and every eye and ear in the room was focused on their teacher to learn the story of the flood. I was so inspired by the thirst for knowledge and the early stages of discipleship within these sweet friends of mine.

Sponsorship Matters

Timoun la Gras would not be possible without child sponsorship. These kids are being exposed to fellowship and are learning from the Bible each week. These children are being exposed to what a healthy follower of Christ looks like. They are being encouraged to live a life for Jesus through discipleship.

I have heard so many stories about the impact that sponsorship has had on our neighbors in this building. On the top of a mountain I got to see first-hand the life change that these kids have had. I do not know all of their stories but it is plain to see the focus and the presence of Jesus in our friends.

We had a blast learning new songs and games as the older girls in the group led the other children in a moment of fun. As kids club ended I did not want to leave. My heart was so full. I could have spent hours talking to each of my new friends and listening to the events that brought them into that mountain church today. I look forward to finding time to do just that over the next few years that I am living in Haiti.

As we exited through the palm walls with a mob of kids surrounding us, we were greeted with the beginnings of a beautiful sunset over the ocean. This served as a reminder of God’s presence in this beautiful, intentional creation as we prepared to descend from this mountaintop.