Welcome To Reality


There is power in seeing reality; it gives you vision for where you need to go.

You are broken. Welcome to reality.

Contrary to popular belief, being broken is not a treacherous place to be. But, the world will continue to shove that lie down your throat as it throws glitter all over you, dousing you with temporary glamour and offering unfulfilling hope.

The world tells you to post the most stimulating photo of yourself to feed into your prideful appetite. Yet, it always leaves you even more hungry… Never satisfying… Never fulfilling. It will tell you to create a caption that gains you popularity and followers in a fake world, called the internet.

But when in reality, you are starving for a real friend. You are starving for someone to be real with. You are starving to show your true colors.

You want someone to know you, but you are afraid to let them in. You fear the lie that they will hate you. You are petrified that you will be rejected. You neglect the fact, that they might, just as well, be as broken as you in desperate need of a true friend who will love anyways. Do not let the temporary, glittery, glamour fool you. You might get rejected, but you will find your true friends.

You cannot have REAL friends unless you choose to be the REAL you.


The Blessing of Brokenness


Brokenness is actually a pleasant gift. There is joy in the pain when you know what the promise is. When we know the promise, we can stay strong and hustle through the process. We will never get to the promised land if we refuse to go through the wilderness. God promised His children that He is redeeming this broken world and there is a new heaven and earth prepared for us!

Yet, we lose focus all too easily. We focus on our circumstances and situations, we blind ourselves with anxiety and a bunch of excuses. “But I…” “I cant…” “What if…”

Here on earth, we are still aliens awaiting the new heaven and new earth. We will ALWAYS be in the process of being sanctified, being changed to be more like Christ, until He comes back for His bride, the Church. Do not fear change, as it is necessary for healthy growth. What should be feared is the lack of change. Complacency and stubborn stagnancy slowly and sweetly shatter us.

The question is, and will always be yours to answer… every single day.

Will you refuse to admit your brokenness and desperate need of the Savior? Or. Will you accept your brokenness inviting Christ into your life?

One is humble; the other is prideful. Pride will always lead you to destruction. Humility will always break you towards life similarly to a glow-stick shining when snapped.


Slow Down and Be Real For a Second


Take a minute and be real and authentic with yourself.


Where are you right now? What is your present reality? What is happening or what has happened in your life that is leaving you broken? What are you struggling with right now? What bad habits are in your life?


Maybe, you need to write it down. Maybe, you need to call that friend who will speak the truth you know you need but have feared. Maybe, you need to initiate your healing process and allow others into your life.


There is power in reality; without it we cannot see where we need to go. If we refuse to be real with ourselves with where we are, then we cannot go where we need to go.



Purposeful Brokenness

Jeremiah, a major prophet, said it this way as he was staring at a fragile nation whom ignored their desperate need to change from their brokenness.

Jeremiah 4:14
“You cannot heal a wound by saying it is not there.”


Their pride told them they were not broken. It told them they did not need to change. It told them they did not need help. Their pride led them to destruction as Jeremiah wept bitterly as they refused to listen to him.

Most people think brokenness is a bad season to be in… but… it might be my favorite spot to be in. Here is why…

Psalm 34:18

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” 

It is in our brokenness that God draws near. Our brokenness. Our fragility. Our tenderness. It is where God wants us because that is when we are most humble and open to listening and realizing our need for Him. It is where we invite God into our lives the most.

I only say all this, not to preach at you, but to encourage you if you are facing some difficult times.

Do not rush out of this season of your life. I would actually give unpopular advice by encouraging you to seek out more ways that you need to be broke so that God can begin healing that part of you too.

Rest in the fact that God wants you in ALL of your brokenness and messiness. He died for the side of you that no-one else knows about.

He KNOWS you and He LOVES you anyways.

Let your brokenness out of hiding. Offer it to God right now. He wants it. He wants you. He is waiting. Listen and reflect on this…

Out of Hiding Father’s Song – Steffany Gretzinger and Amanda Cook