The Sun Rise

This morning as I watched the sun rise over the mountains in the beautiful country that I get to call home I was overwhelmed with thankfulness.

Before moving to Haiti, I had no idea how blessed I was (and still am). I realized how many things I took for granted and never properly thanked God for.

How often do we genuinely thank God for each thing in our lives? Not just throwing up a, “Hey God, thanks for the way you’ve blessed me”, but a genuine, heartfelt thanks where you want to shout it from the rooftops that God is good and he has given in abundance.

That’s what I felt this morning as I sat with God and watched the sun rise.

I’m Thankful

In this season I have become thankful for the little things. I’m thankful for friends that sit with me and make sure that I’m eating well so that I have proper nutrition. These are the same friends that I know don’t get to eat every day.

I’m thankful for the language that I’m learning so that I can understand my friends and grow deeper relationships with them.

I’m thankful to have electricity for half the night in a community that had electricity once last year.

I’m thankful for laughter and getting to watch my roommate take her god-baby to the ocean for the first time.

I’m thankful for the alarm clock that I hate for waking me up at 5:00 this morning.

I’m thankful for the baby boy next door that recently learned to say my name and his mama who loves me so well.

The Little Things

I could go on for days about the little things that I get to experience each day that make my heart swell a little bit and lead me to praise the God that aligned my steps to get to walk alongside of my new friends in my new home. I live in a country where I can publicly share my faith. I don’t have to be scared to say the name, “Jesus,” and I can carry my bible to church and worship where everyone can hear me.

The Big Things

I’m still so thankful for the big things. I have a team of eight people that I get to live with and learn with. I am in school full time getting a degree in an area I love. I have the most incredible support team in the states that I get to keep in contact with and who prays for me regularly. I get to go back to America and see that support team that I love so dearly. We have a group of missionaries that come together to worship and grow in fellowship each week; I’ve come to love that part of the week.

I’m trying to think of something that I could do without or that I’m not thankful for, but honestly I can’t do it. This season is so full of thanks and all I want to do is give God all the glory.

Be Thankful

Ya’ll. I know it’s not just me who feels this way. I’d encourage you to take a second and make a list of some of the things you are thankful for. Maybe go through the alphabet and write down one thing for each letter, big or small.

There’s something to be said about taking the time to slow down and reflect on the things we have been blessed with. I’d love to see what you’re thankful for. There’s no better time to do this than now. Here’s what I am thankful for…

  • Abigail and Allison (my sisters)
  • Big dogs (emphasis on big, I want it to resemble a bear)
  • Casinos (my favorite cookie in Haiti, similar to Oreos)
  • Djoo (the baby next door that is growing up too fast)
  • Electricity
  • Family
  • Gina (my neighbor, friend, and Djoo’s mom)
  • Haiti
  • Individuality
  • Jeffrey (a friend with special needs that reminded me why I’m here)
  • Knowledge (I take education for granted)
  • Laughter
  • Medical care
  • Night time
  • Oceans
  • Pillows
  • Quiet spaces (as an extravert I was shocked to learn that I enjoy silence from time to time)
  • Rain
  • Sunsets
  • Team
  • Unity
  • Variety
  • Water
  • the eXtra things (bonuses and things unplanned for)
  • Yoltick (my friend in market that sells the best chicken and knows where to find anything I need)
  • Zen and learning to rest and slow down