Patient Surrender

Here in Haiti, it can take an entire day to make your dinner. From the time you buy the meat and produce in the market to the time it is on your table for dinner, most of a day could have passed. I am pretty patient in most situations but when it comes to food I’m more of a “just put it in the microwave and eat in thirty seconds” kind of person. A lot of times when you take the time to actually make your food well it tastes exponentially better than instant mac and cheese or reheated pizza in the microwave. Last night, I made chicken for dinner and it took four hours. The result was quite possibly the best chicken we’ve made thus far.

I learned last night that it pays off to be patient.

But God, I Want It Now

I think sometimes we expect God to take a microwave approach when it comes to the way he works. I know I have had to take a reality check at times and recognize that the Lord’s timing is always better than my timing. We go through life expecting God to hear our prayers and immediately answer them the way we want.

But the truth is, some food just doesn’t turn out well when you microwave it.

Would you rather God answer your prayers immediately and the result to be comparable to the leftover pizza from last week? Turning out chewy and below average. Or, would you rather God work with his glorious timing and slowly create something better than you expected?

This isn’t to say God will always take a year to answer your prayers, sometimes he works quickly and the microwave works out, resulting in perfectly popped popcorn. I don’t think God ever says “no” to our prayers. I think he will either say “yes”, giving us that popcorn result. Or he could say “not yet” and give you that fantastic chicken that seemed to take forever.  I know there have been a multitude of times that he has reminded me that he has something different and better than I asked for, resulting in tacos when I thought I was getting pasta.

Patience Is Worth It

It’s so easy to forget but so important to remember that God’s timing is the best timing. It’s hard to be patient, especially when it seems as if an area of your life is dependent on God working the way you want right now.

If you catch yourself in that mindset I would encourage you to sit back and remember that it’s not about you, it’s about God’s plan. It’s not about the right now, it’s about eternity. It’s not even your life that this prayer is dependent on. It’s all God’s.

You don’t get to tell God that you’ve surrendered your life to Him and then tell him that he has to give you that thing today. If God can perfectly create the universe, I think we can trust him to take care of us. I promise he can handle it, and he wants nothing more than to spend the day cooking for his kids.