The Trip To PAP

One day I had chosen to be the one to go to PAP (Port-au-Prince), about an hour away from home. This trip was for some groceries with just our driver, Wilnec. Only one person could go so I jumped on the opportunity to hang out with Wilnec. Hopefully, I could pick up the care package my family sent along the way. Wilnec and I had grown in our relationship over the last few months through his impressive English. It is not his native tongue.

We jumped in the car together to head to PAP that day. We began to drive talking about music, and then, before I knew it, we were having a deep conversation, as most conversations went with him. He proceeded to tell me of when he accepted Christ and how Jesus has changed his way of living. Not only was I getting to hear of Wilnec’s changed life but was getting to witness it as well.

I had the chance to see this man’s changed life through him showing the upmost care for a vehicle crash victim along the road. He stopped the car with traffic behind, just to ask if he was alright and if anyone had been killed. I also got to see it when he again stopped the car to tell the man behind us that oil was leaking from his huge dump truck. It wasn’t just that he did these things, but in the way he did them. He never skipped a beat to check on someone or to inform someone of something helpful.

Doing these kind acts of service, that would be looked over by me from time to time, were executed effortlessly by the servant of a man that Wilnec is. He truly does model a changed life as he even waited in the car for over an hour while I was in the grocery store, still with a smile on his face when I came back.

The Bird

Wilnec loves talking about how we are supposed to live like the bird that Jesus talks of in Matthew 6:26. We are to be trusting God each and every day to provide us with the things we need to live. Wilnec lives this out as he gives all that he has; he does not gather or hold on closely to what is his. He freely gives his own money to those in need. Even when he doesn’t have enough for himself, he knows that Christ would still provide for him in some way that day. Wilnec truly has been changed, as he really does live out the life of the bird.

I know we are blessed to have a driver like Wilnec here in Haiti that loves the Lord with all of his heart. He shows it with his life. We are very thankful for him, to which I know he would say, “Don’t mention it, I am your driver, I am your Wilnec.” This would then be followed by his genuine laughter that only comes from the joy of knowing Christ.

Matthew 6:26, TLB
Look at the birds! They don’t worry about what to eat-they don’t need to sow or reap or store up food-for your heavenly Father feeds them. And you are far more valuable to him than they are.”