Waking Up

I reluctantly reached out from underneath my warm blankets to appease my phone blatantly trying to wake me up. Contemplating whether or not life is better than the comfort, warmth, and peace of my bed that offers me rest, I roll out of bed anyways. I wander down my stairs in search of anything to satisfy my weariness. I walk past my Bible that sits on the table before the kitchen and I make my way to the coffee telling myself that I’ll get to the Bible after I allow this drug of coffee to satisfy me first.


The coffee is my savior. The caffeine that gives me the high I need to motivate me to do anything is the first thing I did. How backwards this is. How true this is of our lives. How true this is of the people outside my house aimlessly wandering in search for fulfillment but seeking all the wrong methods. Coffee or Crack… the point is the same. I chose Coffee before my relationship with God. I depended on it. They choose crack before their relationship with God and they become dependent on it.

But what if I would just open up the word of God? What if they would just step into a recovery house that speaks truth boldly? Hear me on that, the recovery house is not what changes their broken, fragile hearts; Truth does that. Caffeine does not motivate me with the hope I need to change the way I live; Truth does that.

Proverbs 27:6 (NASB)
“Faithful are the wounds of a friend, But deceitful are the kisses of an enemy.”

So, let me ask you… who are you allowing to deceitfully kiss you? Are you running after the coffee that may or not wake you up because it’s been desensitized to your over usage of it anyways? Are you running after the drugs that give you that high to escape yet continually calls you to more and more leaving you in utter despair? Or is it something else? Maybe it’s something like porn. Or maybe it is something like fashion and the desire to please the expectations of others. Whatever it is… stop kissing it. But don’t simply stop letting it kiss you, replace it.

Let Truth In

You have a friend desiring you, desiring your health, and desiring what is best for you. Yea, sometimes that friend cuts you deep because that friend speaks the Truth into your life when you need it most… even when you do not want to hear it, but you know you need it. He has to cut you because you have a cancerous heart that needs a transplant. You are in dire need of operation from the inside out.

Christine Caine
“Withholding truth from the pridefully broken is like holding back cure to cancer to the sick. You cannot give Advil to a cancer patient; they need the cure.”

We are all patients fighting a cancer(s) in our lives and we all need truth to heal us. But the hard reality is that we must choose to allow it to heal us. What we don’t reveal, God cannot heal.

You have a friend who already knows the depths of your hearts, all those ugly secrets that you think you will be hated for. There is nothing you can tell him that He does not already know. And, guess what? He boldly proclaims that He loves you anyways and He will do anything for you. But you have to let Him.

So, my friend, where are you going to run? The cancer(s) inside you that desperately call you friend but are slowly killing you? Or the God who can heal any and all cancer that is within you and desperately loves you too much to remain sick?