To be totally disconnected from the world seems unimaginable to the those of us who grew up having this kind of opportunity. Globalization, and technology have made our world completely accessible and to think that somehow you could be isolated…well to some that may bring alarm. However, here in our little compound in Haiti we have experienced this unthinkable isolation from the outside world, and let me tell you, it was refreshing!

Wifi here in Haiti is not the best. It tends to come, and go as it pleases, and for us it has gone for a few days. Not sure where it went off too, but while the wifi is out, life seems to be a little more focused. Don’t get me wrong I love connection, I enjoy reading about people’s lives, and seeing how everyone is doing, but before long I catch myself scrolling for longer than I intended. Being away from the States, and being in a community where I am still trying to connect with these people is already difficult with all the preexisting cross-cultural barriers, so why would I want to add another distraction?


When I first got to Haiti, and I didn’t have a way to connect with my family, it was devastating. I was so used to having everything at my finger tips that when that was stripped from me, I literally didn’t know what to do with myself. It was in those moments that God showed up. When I finally wasn’t distracted, and I realized that what was important was spending time with Jesus, my whole perspective changed. I feel the same way now as our wifi has been out. Those distraction are gone, and God is bringing me unto himself.

So yea, it’s unfortunate when I actually have some work I need to get done like emails, and loan payments, and newsletters to accomplish, but at the same time God gets my full attention, and in this life that is what truly matters.