Thank you…

…for believing in us. Every day we wake up and fight to believe that we are able to take this call (surely, you can relate). If it ever seems like we know what we are doing, know that it is by the grace of God we carry cross-cultural relationships, speak any of the local language, understand anything about culture, and especially lead your team. Every day we are in country, by grace, we learn about these things, and we need you to trust that those days count by trusting and believing in us when you come.

Thank you for reminding us. As we go out together in ministry all week, you remind us why we first came here. When you are fully invested in the mission, noticing every person, giving all of your energy, having every conversation, saying the prayer in full – ultimately, when you are completely submissive to the Holy Spirit in everything, we see afresh the vision God gave us for our ministry.

Thank you for loving us. We cherish your intentionality to love us; you do not have to choose to focus on us for even a moment, but know that it impacts us deeply when you do. The banter we share in the morning, laughter on tap taps, conversation over dinner, etc., we are filled when you see us in those moments. When you initiate an exchange of life stories or ask us how we are doing and really listen, we are relived. This last part I do not say lightly – when you go out of your way to personally encourage us with sincere words, it gives us life.

Sharing an experience like this draws us together is a way that is unique, real, beautiful, and worth engaging in. Whether this is your first trip or your fifth, we are family. Merely having you in our home feels like having family come stay, and there is so much that brings us together! When we greet you with such enthusiasm, know that it is because we love you deeply and cherish these relationships.


Love always,

Your Sent Team Member