New Year

We all hear about New Years and Resolutions with a tendency to tune out – they have lost their power by the time you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond. We have seen the friends with the goals, we’ve maybe made them ourselves, and when nothing sticks the idea seems destined to fail.


But we ask Compassion Corp to look at the turn of the year with the eyes of a leader. Resolutions may have a bad reputation for falling away but that doesn’t mean the leader has to operate in the norm. Leaders grab a hold of how worldview and human psychology naturally work while also bringing in a healthy amount of challenge to the status quo. So as human nature naturally works on timelines, beginnings, and endings….the leader can take advantage of the calendar to do a check in. Compassion Corp leaders use this time of year to ask questions like:


“What do I like about 2017?”

“How did I change in the past year?”

“Do I like these changes?”

“What made me happy in 2017? How did I celebrate?”

“What made me frustrated in 2017? How did I express this?”

“What do I want to bring into the new year from this past year?”

“What do I not want to bring into the new year?”


Challenging the status quo means putting a stake in the ground to not settle. A Compassion Corp leader does not simply ask these questions – they do something with the answers. Maybe it means talking to a mentor about changes they want to make, and maybe it means a New Years celebration of all the good from 2017! Processing the emotions and experiences of 2017 is something that the New Year offers the leader a chance to do as the calendar reminds us that it is time to do the self-leadership step of checking in with ourselves.


How does putting on the lens of a leader change the way that you close up a season and enter a new one? Happy New Year from a team that believes in how you were created for this season!