Who else is setting goals for 2018?

No – not the ones for the gym!

Those are great, but we’re talking about the ones with purpose and passion, the ones you aren’t backing down on and you’ve called your team in to tell about.

One of our goals as we have looked on past seasons and began moving forward is to deepen the feel of family on our team in Haiti. Especially as our capacity has increased with a bigger team, we want to always lean on the side of inclusion and generosity towards the family we have been given through staff and partners in Haiti.

One way this plays out, for example, is taking the bold step of adding dozens and dozens of potential children to sponsor to the list of needs for 2018. We now have added the children of staff members and partners, such as Nurse Pierre, to the lists of profiles of students to sponsor and come alongside of in the 2018-19 school year. Our staff asked – and we listened!

Along with getting to know family members more personally through meals together in homes that tap into the value of hospitality in Haiti, we are working hard to honor our family by putting our money where our mouth is.

As you reflect on this last season and step into the next – what are goals for your next season? Any ways that you can “put your money where your mouth is”? (If you want to be a part of family in Haiti – contact us here to be a part!)

Happy New Year from our family to yours!