Your vision is obscured by fiercely falling snow and frozen breath. In your peripherals you detect movement. Pupils dilate. Muscles tighten. Adrenaline shivering up your spine. Hearts pumping. It’s a prowling lion stalking its prey, you.

What is your response? Are you fearfully running? Or, are you courageously chasing it down?

This paints a perfect picture of what it is like to not only to dream, but to pursue your dreams. In every dream journey, there comes a time when you have to quit living as if the purpose of life is to arrive safely to death. It’s imperative that you chase after your dream that is absolutely destined to fail without divine intervention.

Every dream is created twice. First, it is mentally conceived in the right-brain imagination. It is absolutely nothing more then a single-cell idea. But then, there is the second creation of that dream; implementation. The dream becomes tangible through glorious blood, sweat, and tears.

If your dream is to lose weight, you make it tangible through implementing the discipline and commitment to go to the gym five days a week and begin eating healthier. No, it will not take a month. It’s take time.

If your dream is to spend less money, you make it tangible by creating and living on a budget.

If your dream is a book, you make it tangible with a keyboard and a lot of coffee.

Most importantly, you have to believe you can achieve it. You must have faith with obedience. Execute on your ideas and dreams; do not let them sit idle. God does not say, ‘well planned, good and faithful servant.’ He says, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.’

A deafening roar reverberates through the snow covered land. Glaring eyes piercing through the dark, staring right at you. Ready to pounce with any scent of fear.

Let me ask you again… What is your response? You going big or you going home? You taking the road that is less traveled or settling for the status quo?


Stop running from your dreams. Start chasing that lion of yours! Take fear out of the drivers seat and put it in its’ rightful place, the passenger seat. Go big! Go bigger than you think is big and let God show up!

What’s your dream for 2018?