Status updates, Instagram posts, blogs, newsletters- all written on a computer screen from Haiti, hoping to connect with you in America. I love writing, taking photos, and capturing stories, but what I love most is the way these things connect me to people. It can become difficult to write so much from a screen, that being your only way of contact with your audience and you begin to wonder if you have an audience at all, or at least one who hears you.

Being in the states for the month of December was such a treat! I connected with supporters, friends and family in a way that is simply not possible from Haiti. Face to face communication was so encouraging to myself, as I heard that people were truly following along with my updates, reading all of the things I release. The trouble with releasing so many digital updates really only comes when the communication does not go both ways and that was diminished as I heard people not only recall what they had read online, but also ask more about the things they personally connected with. As I was able to share in person the stories from these past months, sometimes stories I had already written about, it was far more exciting, relatable and engaging. Conversations felt like not simply my stories, but our stories, as my talking about life in Haiti would bring about stories of what has been happening in the life of whomever I was speaking with. Those were beautiful moments.

Our partnership became real and tangible over this last month. And I ask that you would continue to engage in a conversation as you read and see updates. Face to face presence is irreplaceable, but we value your partnership and love hearing what you have to share.