We see it all the time. We are going to come and serve the people of Haiti. What does that mean? Are we coming with a mindset to come along side and serve in dignifying ways? Or, are we coming with an albeit well intentioned savior complex?

THEY need us.” “Here is what we can do for you.” The truth is for Haiti to be healthy one must believe that the resources that are needed to bring health and hope to Haiti are already in the country.

The mission of Jesus is the Church. All of our missional opportunities should be done to set the church up to win. We should pursue healthy community which is fellowship. And healthy relationship which is disciple making. And heathy service initiatives which is ministry. And healthy conversations about real hope in Jesus which is evangelism. And finally, demonstrating a healthy and purpose driven life that brings glory to Jesus and makes HIM bigger in ALL that we do. That is the mission of the church.

Missions is simply doing all the above in places where the church does not exist. That means we must work hard at coming along side the Haitian Church partner to show them what health looks like. Then we must help them replicate that to villages and departments where the gospel is not yet known.

Relationships Matter. It may feel so much more fulfilling when we come and build something and there is a place for that….but building relationships and making disciples is the greatest ministry we can do in Haiti.

The ministry of PRESENCE matters.

Your presence brings hope and healing. The demonstration of God’s love in relationships is critical to partnership and missional impact.

Breathe Partners hopes you will continue to be present. That you will continue to come along side the local church and our partner Respire Lavi as they seek to invest into a healthy church movement of God.

Let’s keep the main thing the main thing:

  • Relational approach
  • Encourage your brothers and sisters
  • Laugh and celebrate victories (small and big)
  • Accept people where they are
  • Transparency always wins
  • Involve yourself in healthy partnership
  • Outreach oriented
  • Numerical growth
  • Spiritual growth
  • Homelike (we are a family)
  • Intimate
  • Professional and dignifying
  • Strategic follow-up

Reach out and join a team. Be the Church. Come along side of the Church. The Church IS God’s program. Be Present.

Reach out to info@breathepartners.com to learn how you can join an exciting experience team that will make an eternal impact.