While some people may know exactly what college they want to go to and what to do with their life by senior year, I know I didn’t. What I did know is that there was a trend of when I felt most alive – it was week long trips to serve, afternoons with a group downtown, or in a space where I could learn about others and dive into a perspective different from mine. This eventually led me to the mission field along with other factors – but I imagine looking back how college could have helped equip me for missions earlier…

With what I know now, I would send a mentor or a space to try this out to the high school or college aged version of myself. I’d throw her in as many spaces as possible to try out strengths, gifts, weaknesses, and passions. I’d give a community around her for this to happen in. As college is a space where worldview and how life is interacted with is learned personally and really examined and then ingrained, I’d look for a space that was aware of that and equipping her to understand what shaped her worldview – or why that matters in the first place.

Personally, I have a degree in Social Work. However, I jumped into an accelerated version of this program (and was lucky to get in!) as I learned late in the game what major I wanted – the end of my sophomore year! It was not my school choice that mattered as much as the people surrounding me, the experiences I was exposed to, and the coaching available to me. Especially when it came time to examine who I was! This experience makes me even more excited now on how CompassionCorp is so individually shaped around students, who get serious personal attention as well as a multitude of unique missional experiences. These experiences are both a chance to serve as well as learn who they are as they serve.

I don’t know about you or the students you know, but when it’s time to decide on a college – the choices are all over the map. Many people are finding out too that the debt of college is something that Generation Z (this generation) is not interested in while others are finding out that there’s a jump in interest for alternative methods to education. CompassionCorp fits the trends of what this generation is looking for in an education, and it cannot be beat in finding a space that will be more tailored to the individual.

I of course believe that the best college for a student is going to depend on who they are, but I am excited that CompassionCorp is one of the options where you can get your BS and even your MA while finding out who you are and doing real missions work! Get in touch with us to find out more about CompassionCorp!