While serving alongside Breathe Partners on an experience team, you will have an opportunity to multiply the church by making disciples who make disciples. You will also have the opportunity to invest in developing young leaders as we empower them and send them out. RELATIONSHIP building will be a critical component to each day. Your presence matters as it brings hope and love to those who are often overlooked.


While this depends on your specific community and the Haitian Pastor’s plan for the week, the skills and “shape” that make up your team, and the week that you come – there are some things that everyone gets to experience.  You will get to attend and build a relationship with a church that has been planted in a community that is entirely Haitian and striving to reach the young and the lost. You will have translators and get to connect with people of a completely different culture through conversation. You will get to interact with children as you walk through the community or through playing soccer in the neighborhood, or doing an event that the pastor may ask you to plan and host. You will be led each night in a “process” time of your team’s experience – from the day’s events to what the week means for the future of both you and Haiti.  Your team can choose to focus on children/youth/adult ministries, sports camps, ESL, medical teams, or project service opportunities like buildings, water, sanitation, and nutrition initiatives.

We also can’t forget that you will see the beauty of the Caribbean and experience either the ‘gardens’ of a farmer or the beauty of sitting on a porch with a young mother on this island as you are connected to form relationships with people. You will see and get to go into the Caribbean ocean & you will get a chance to take in the awesome views of this country. You will experience the opportunity to build back into the community and empower others through artisan purchases or through going through the local market in Cabaret & doing some of the ‘grocery shopping’ for the week. As you travel through Haiti you will experience what it is like to be transported in a “tap-tap”, Haiti’s largest mode of transportation. Every experience team week is unique and although it doesn’t always go exactly how we intend, God is always in the details and you will experience being His hands and feet to Breathe Life and Hope into all you do.


What you do on your experience in Philadelphia is determined by the length of stay, the skills and “shape” that defines your team, and the week you come.  You will have the opportunity to serve and build relationships with children and youth clubs and/or do a block party. You will also have an opportunity to build relationships and serve our friends in neighborhoods who are experiencing homelessness through feeding initiatives while connecting them with a team if they have greater immediate needs.  Refugee ministry is a part of what we do in the city and you will build relationships and be a part of inter-cultural experience serving multi-ethnic, multi-congregational communities throughout the city.  You will also experience the beauty and history that makes up Philadelphia.  Urban centers are the influence of the world.   You will be used to shape the world by serving and loving, one person at a time.  Your presence matters.

Reach out to us! We would love to talk with you and get you on an experience team!