Catchy Titles Trending

Trendy titles and blogs pop up on social media for me saying things like “What Young Leaders Need to Know” and “Where To Find Tomorrow’s Church Planters”. Tweets on leaders being learners all over the likes and retweets of those that I follow and Catalyst conference continues to put out great content that I wish more students were consuming.

Building Leadership That Leaves A Legacy

These hashtags and trends tell me that CompassionCorp is more relevant than I realized it ever could be as students are looking to be taught to be used for their passions and churches as well as ministries are preparing for leadership droughts (a dramatic word – but I’m not the one that came up with it!). Students are realizing their gifts and passions and some are rising up to the challenge that goes with them, which follows the entrepreneurial trend of Millennials and Generation Z. Current leaders are realizing that they want to pass the legacy on or they want to engage with today’s generation, however they don’t have young leaders or they have available students but no capacity to pour into them.

CompassionCorp Is The Church Of Today

CompassionCorp exists to come alongside of these young leaders and these churches as we believe that students are not the church of tomorrow – they are the church of today. Church leaders would be served by having leaders of any age with mission experience, emotionally healthy spiritually, an awareness of their gifts and weaknesses as well as a system of self-leadership to steward them, and an understanding of biblical worldview that shapes how they interact with their world. 
CompassionCorp students get real life experience with coaching – they have tried, failed, and got up again to develop their passions and understand their role in the church more. They have interacted in cross cultural contexts to deepen their view of the world and their skill set in serving in a cross cultural Bride of Christ. These students live in a missional community within a program created to unleash them in the church – locally and globally, in their hometown or sent into an inner city church plant. They are not volunteering on a spare weeknight – they are leading for months at a time while earning their degree.
CompassionCorp is a leadership development program, but why? For church empowerment. It is the only reason CompassionCorp exists!