Dropping Out of College

I dropped out of college to move to Haiti.

I never had anticipated doing anything else but getting my degree my entire life, but ironically, sitting in a classroom was never my cup of tea. Dropping out of college should have been a harder decision. But for a gal who doesn’t like busy-work homework, my butt hurting in that chair, math, science and things I hate, I got over it pretty quickly. I never quite understood taking a bunch of classes that would never relate to my life anyways.

God Had CompassionCorp In Mind

So, pretty soon afterwards I moved to Haiti and became apart of a program through Breathe Partners called CompassionCorp. The program has morphed and changed and grown over the last few years, and eventually, to my own shock, the program was suddenly going to get me my Bachelors and Masters degree.

I have gotten the insane honor of living in Florida, Haiti and Philadelphia, visiting Israel, Texas, and a handful of conferences, all the while, getting my degree. I have gotten to start a ministry in Haiti. Be apart of Haitian church plants. Fall madly in love with a foreign country and its people. Go to a ten month Bible program (GCBI) to study the Bible verse by verse and walk where Jesus walked… all the while, getting my degree.

I have only sat in a couple classroom-like settings over the years, some in inner-city Philadelphia and some facing the Caribbean mountains, but all the while, still getting that legitimate degree. I have gotten to meet hundreds and hundreds of people, live with 50+ crazy, Jesus loving people along the way, and create bonds and friendships that I am certain will last a lifetime. I have read some of the greatest books from the most influential writers of our time, learned face to face from some of the most fantastic leaders, and been able to connect and use every class to my current ministries, situations and walk with Christ.

God Had Me In Mind

And of the greatest benefit of all, I have grown a love for my Father the is unmatchable. I have learned what it means to open my hands to Him continuously (even when they are tempted to close), what it looks like to trust in a way that I could have never grasped before, and what it feels like to be transformed from the inside out. Getting my degree while living abroad isn’t just about the degree, come to find out, it truly is about building me into a more beautiful vessel to be used for His Kingdom.