Invest In An Experience Trip

I know it would be really easy to just simply tell you the cost, financially to go on an experience trip, but it is more than a financial commitment… it’s an investment.

The investment you will make to obey what God has asked of us in Matthew 28: 19-20 to “GO and make disciples of every nation…”  It’s an investment that will not only impact your life but it will impact the lives of every person and every place you serve. You have the opportunity to BREATHE LIFE and HOPE into the world; into the countries, cities, communities and churches you go into.

Surrender, Sacrifice, and Go

By coming on an Experience Trip you are able to give your TIME, your TALENT and your TREASURE. I want to focus for a moment on giving your treasure. While talking about the COST to go on an Experience Trip it can be easy to see how you would invest your treasure. But it’s not always easy to make the sacrifice necessary to GIVE and GO. It’s a sacrifice to take time away from work, your family and your normal routine; to step out to love and serve others. It can look like cutting back on that daily run to the coffee shop or that extra night eating out and putting those dollars aside to put towards your goal to go on the trip.  It can also look like working hard to raise your support, stepping out in Faith and believing that God will provide as you obey and choose to go.

Sometimes you can’t always GO but you may have the opportunity to GIVE to someone else to support them so that they can GO. In choosing to give you also have the opportunity to invest. Your investment to give generously will make an impact and a difference in what happens on an experience trip. Your generosity and support towards an experience trip gives you the opportunity to be involved in serving the young, lost, poor and elderly, developing young leaders and multiply the church. Giving your treasure generously is making a difference.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  – Luke 12:34 

Haiti Experience Trip Costs

Trip Deposits – (Deposits are non-refundable. Trip deposits are not in addition to your total cost of the trip but are deducted from it.)

  • Teams: $1,500
  • Individuals: $150

Trip Costs

  • C2C Partners: $750
  • Non-Partners: $800

Special Notes

  • Students get a $50 discount.
  • 1 Leader OR 1 Pastor (if team is 10 or greater) can come for $350
  • Guest House Pricing is $60 (includes light breakfast and dinner) – no transportation
  • Extra nights for team members are $100 per day/night (trip weeks are 6 nights, 7 days)

Experience Trip Includes

Your experience includes lodging (6 nights at the Breathe Center), 6 breakfasts at the Breathe Center , 6 dinners at the Breathe Center, transportation, culligan water (Unlimited), logistics, interpreters (unless extra are required), security, beach day and general ministry. Breathe Partners understands that each church/group may have specific goals and or projects, those prices are listed in the next section.

“Process time is an intentional space that Breathe Partners has created for Experience Teams. In this daily time, staff will guide teams through purposeful information and topics while debriefing the week. Staff understand that team leaders may want to use this space for discipleship and are happy to create time for that within process time. Please communicate any specific expectations or questions about process time here:”

Experience Team Extras

  • Teams that are less than 5 participants: an extra $250 transportation fee for the week
  • Interpreters:  Cost includes 1 interpreter for 1-7 participants. 2 interpreters for 8-14 participants. 3 Interpreters for 15-21 participants. 4 interpreters for 22-28 participants. Interpreter/participant ratio is on the numerical value of 7 any increment thereof is what a team is entitled to.  IF there is a project where the church/group desires more, the cost will be $25 per interpreter/per day.
  • If you are a medical Team you are required to have a Haitian Doctor and Nurse with you at clinics. $100 per day for Haitian Doctor, $50 per day for Haitian Nurse. If medicine is required you can purchase in country (prescription meds cost $100 per day per 100 patients) or pack appropriate meds in your luggage.
  • Sodo Water Fall Trip: $150 Transportation / Entrance Fee $10 per person
  • Petionville / Munchies Pizza Restaurant: $150 for Transportation plus the cost of the meals and tip
  • Fruit Feast Night: $3 per person (Depends on season and availability in country.)
  • Ice Cream Night: $2.50 per person (Depends on availability in country.)
  • Refrigerated Drinks at the Breathe Center: $1 per beverage
  • Rosie’s Boutique: $50 Transportation
  • Flueri Pizzeria: $50 Transportation + your cost of food, drink and tip
  • Lafito Grill: $60 Transportation + your cost of food, drink and tip (American Cuisine)
  • Haiti Design Co: $150 Transportation + $15 per person (experience cost)
  • Beach Extras:
    • Meal: $15 per person (Chicken BBQ, ( or order off a menu)
    • Bring a guest: Translators, pastors, friends *Reservations must be made ($30 per guest)