Where Should I Travel?

I believe that 18 and fresh out of high school is not necessarily the time that you will know what you are doing rest of your life. There are questions all over… “Where are you going?” And, “What major?” And, “What are your plans next?” …and they can be frustrating as people ask and you think…..”I’d love to know actually, but I’m not sure myself”.

At that same time of being unsure on exact direction, there are some students with a clear pull towards ministry. Maybe it will be a nonprofit. Maybe a church. Maybe leading ministry part time while being bi-vocational. But you want to dive in, get experience, and invest in mission because it’s the one place you feel you DO have some answers on who you are.


CompassionCorp is not designed to be a ticket to experiences, but instead the degree for the students who are in a missional direction. Especially for students who do not want to do a side project through college or wait until graduation to serve – but who instead want to learn now… as they learn in school and also learn about themselves in the four year process of college.

Through CompassionCorp, students can first choose the direction of a ministry degree and then find that CompassionCorp is the space where they not only can earn that degree – they do it while living out mission. There are global, urban, and local tracks that include travel and experience in multiple spaces as we believe this is the best way to learn – doing it firsthand.

Through this, students can earn their Bachelors level degree in ministry, (with the opportunity for Masters level degree), while traveling and serving in various experiences.