One of the big points we emphasize with our focus of leadership development is defining goals and then making a plan to work towards them so that we can be effective. So, the key in being effective starts with defining what effective would look like – what is the aim?

This step, when skipped, can lead to confusion or that easy, “I didn’t do anything” feeling that happens – especially when missions trips are to areas that are so different from home, with realities that can seem overwhelming. So how is effective being defined?

Effectiveness is…

  • Effectiveness is looking mothers in the eyes and asking them about life, talking about raising kids together and listening to the stories they have to share. It is presence with a goal of dignity.
  • Effectiveness is a give and take, learning together and growing together as mission is pursued side by side despite differences. It is partnership.
  • Effectiveness is watching a local pastor in front of a group in his community, being seen and heard as a connection to a local, long term church. It is sustainability.
  • Effectiveness is not always grand gestures – sometimes it is the fifth medical team to see a teenage boy in five years…a simple check of vitals and vitamins that is making an impact over time. Effectiveness is patience in the process.
  • Effectiveness is the names and the homes, the hugs and the return visit when someone says they will return. It is relationship.
  • Effectiveness is team member moving from point A to point B by the end of their week on an Experience Trip. It is leadership development.