The Trip That Transformed My Worldview

Throughout most of high school I was never the one that wanted to get a degree. I never knew what I wanted to do after graduation. I didn’t know what I was good at and I wasn’t sure what I was passionate about. The thought of college and a career was an overwhelming and far out idea for me. After graduation I visited Haiti on an experience team and then I joined the work force. Visiting Haiti brought up a lot of questions for me about justice and I felt that there were people and issues that I was seeing that the world seemed to overlook. Through those feelings and a whole lot of prayer, I decided to move to Haiti to see those who the world seemed to overlook. I wanted to do everything that I could to help those who felt overlooked know just how seen they are by their Heavenly Father.

The Purpose of Going to School

Through the process of moving to Haiti with CompassionCorp I learned so much about who I am, what i’m actually passionate about, and what I was created by God to do. Through that period of reflection and self-discovery, I realized why college seemed so unnecessary and overwhelming to me when everyone around me seemed so eager to start that season of life. The Lord stitched me in a way where traditional college would never make sense. He created me with gifts and passions that just didn’t fit within the box of standard education.

The more that I learned, the more I realized that I wasn’t against college at all. I just hadn’t learned my purpose yet. I think that traditional college is a great but, I also have respect for people who choose to not pursue a degree at all. I think the key to our futures and determining what we’re supposed to do lies in that season of reflection and self-discovery. The more I learned about CompassionCorp the more things began to make sense and the more I felt like it was a program created for me, and in some ways it is.

ReDefining Education With Purpose

CompassionCorp provides an out of the box education unlike any other. I knew that I wanted to work on a global scale. I love the local church and I love the city; and the world was telling me I had to pick one. Now, I get to learn about the global, urban, and local church while experiencing each first hand. One of my biggest issues with traditional schooling was that you had to devote thousands upon thousands of dollars and years of your life before diving into your field, and a lot of those years are structured by the university and often don’t even fit within your unique talents and passions.

CompassionCorp is affordable but more important to me than that. CompassionCorp intertwines with real life. My classroom is the real world. I get to learn from my books and professors and apply the things that I learn to my active mission field in the same day. And, it’s a REAL degree from a REAL accredited university. Everything that we learn, I am able to filter through who I am. CompassionCorp is building me up to be a better version of myself and it’s equipping me to fulfill the purpose that God has given me.

Becoming a Defender

If I were to describe what I feel that God created me to do in one sentence it would be ‘to be a voice for the voiceless’. I never felt comfortable sitting on the sidelines while there were people all over our communities, cities, and countries that were going unseen or unheard. I believe that Jesus is the one who has come to be our ultimate defender and I believe that he equips each of us to defend the rights of others in His name. We are all created for different things. I think one of the most beneficial and necessary things that each of us can do is to learn who we are and then to ask God how he wants to use who we are to best tell his story.

When I first decided that I was going to surrender my 9-5 job and pursue a degree it was intimidating and I had no idea how I was going to do that. But now, I can’t imagine If I hadn’t had that conversation with God. Learning who I was created to be was the first step in how I knew what I was supposed to study and how I was supposed to make an impact. CompassionCorp has allowed me to do that and I will forever be encouraging others to take those same steps towards learning who they are and how they were uniquely created to breathe life and hope into the world.

These are some of my favorite resources that I used when I was learning who I was:

  • S.H.A.P.E. Analysis
  • Meyers Briggs Personality Test
  • Enneagram


If you have any questions about CompassionCorp or pursuing who you were created to be, please reach out we would love to connect with you and encourage you on this journey.