Did You Fill The Engine With Gratitude?

Ministry cannot and should not happen without praise – it is supposed to be a form of worship in and of itself, an overflow of thanks and action in response to the love of Christ! So, if we are not praising…there may be a “check engine” light on the dashboard.

Overflow With Gratitude

This can be encouraged in levels all over a team. It can be starting on the ground in gratitude for one another in small compliments or an extra few minutes to write an appreciation note. It can be in asking someone on the team to head up a worship night (worship can be through forms other than music!), where the team gets excited and creative over how to come together to recognize the root of where all the ministry is flowing from.
As a leader, you can follow Jesus’ example of leadership in being the one keeping your eyes fixed and then letting this perspective overflow to your team – the way you handle a conflict, share insight from personal reflection, or model the values of the ministry can set the tone of gratitude. As a leader you can be the one taking up the responsibility to be aware of what is going on with your team – does someone need to stop serving the meal in order to just be able to sit at His feet?

Pull From The Gratitude Jar

These things matter because it will be hard. Not in a fatalistic sort of way but in a, “Well, Jesus said it would be…” kind of way. Ministry, no matter how beautiful and redemptive and fruitful, will have stretching times. To make sure to have a finger on the pulse of gratitude in your team’s culture is to make sure that your team is ready for those hardships. It is to keep the main thing, the main thing – and that is relationship and communion with Christ. Ministry is a gift given to us to work out who we were chosen to be in the body, but it is not the point – HE is.
Here’s a practical step for your team: Find a jar, any jar. Get scrap paper and the jar and set them in a central place – encourage the team to write fruit, wins, good times, or even just verses or things about God that encouraged them that day on scraps of paper when they feel led. Use this jar when the team is feeling those hard days – maybe even bring them out on that worship night you asked the team to own and put together!